The Grand Tour

February 26, 2016 


This past summer, we began the search for the ultimate OutCold Headquarters. Long story short, our old space, although awesome, just didn’t allow for the flow of work we need (like a shipping container, a half pipe and a conference room all in one place--just your standard office requirements). We found the perfect bow-truss, extra-large warehouse with plenty of room for activity over on Chicago Ave. Although we could see the potential, the new space required a complete overall. After five months of construction, the space is finished and we are happy little hippies. We’ve been promising you a full tour, so without further ado, enjoy!


Taaa-daaa! There she is. In all her glory. And guess what?! We just can't handle the construction-free silence, so we've begun remodeling an area we call "Phase II." Phase II will soon become the most epic Taproom you'll ever see (we have high hopes). Stay tuned for progress photos. Happy Friday!