Bull Mtn Taproom is the product of OutCold’s latest personal passion project (say that three times fast!). Located inside the OutCold office, Bull Mtn Taproom is dedicated to gathering people together. While it’s not ready for larger parties or events, such as weddings or baby showers, the Taproom is perfect for happy hours (obviously), business meetings, networking events, and get-togethers for small groups of friends, colleagues and family. 

An amazing team of welders, wood workers, planners and dreamers brought this bar and taproom to life. Major “Thanks” to Nick, Jack, Brian, Theo and Kristen for making our happy hour dreams a reality.


2848 W Chicago Ave Chicago, IL 60622

Yes, this is OutCold’s address too! Bull Mountain Taproom is an addition of OutCold and a part of our office space.

Operating hours vary, so drop us a line at bullmountaintaproom@outcold.com if you want to stop by!