Peace, Love & The OutCold VW Bus

April 5, 2016

As you know by now, we like our toys. And by toys, we mean cars. And by cars, we mean totally awesome vintage vehicles. You've seen them integrated into our events, on the feeds of our Instagram and if you've been to the office, you've seen them sitting next to us in our space like part of the crew. Since they are so near and dear to us, we thought we'd share some of that with you.

First up, the 1963 VW Bus. This bus is not only full of nostalgia but she has style for daaaaayzzzzzz. Our favorite part? Her front windshields pop open to give you a face full of fresh air and allow for a full arm extension to flash the peace sign to every hippie at heart. Everyone at OutCold knows there is no better way to get the wind in your hair and bugs in your teeth than driving our 1963 VW Bus. This bus has seen it all--from 4th of July Parades to countless trips across the country. Here's the down and dirty of everything you didn't even know you need to know. Tell your friends. 


Here she is posing nude between jobs. Even on a snowy day, she knows how to have a good time. 

Another cool thing about this bus is that she appeals to everyone. Regardless of the brand, event, or city, people flock to her. Whether fans remember her from the 60s or they are six, everyone has a story. Here are a few of her shining moments. 

So, next time you're by the office stop in and check out her reclaimed wood interior and custom lighting. Or reach out about taking her on tour. We're already jealous of her summer concert schedule.