Behind the Scenes: HBC Send Off



The High Brew Liner Send Off

We show you a lot of what we create out in the field, we even show you the work we do here in the shop; but what you don't see are the celebrations of joy, relief, and satisfaction when we send off one of our vehicles off on the road! 

The work that we put into refurbishing and remodeling this 1952 Continental Trailways was extensive, to say the least. It was gutted, cleaned, built out and polished up- it was all hands on deck for this one. And don't worry there will be a whole post devoted to all of the amazing work our team put in on this build- but this post.... this post is a collection of photos from when all of that is done and we can collectively take a big, satisfied sigh and send it on its way. 

As you can tell, we were having a grand ole time in the alleyway as the bus took his inaugural journey as the newly transformed High Brew Liner. He is now happily hanging out in Vail, CO at the GoPro Mountain Games and is heading all over the country this summer. Follow along on our Instagram for photos on the road and more behind the scenes from our team on Insta Stories!