Feline Friends


You thought our dogs were cute, but check out these cool, clever cats! Here at OutCold, we don’t just love dogs, we love cats, bunnies, and all sorts of other weird critters. This week however, we decided to show case our feline friends that really are, the cats Meow. Check out our ‘creative cats’ at Outcold’s actual cats and more about their personalities below!

The OutCold Purr-Fect Crew!

Meet Hoot & Uccia!

Hoot is the tortoise shell fluff pictured here with her brother, Uccia. Hoot is wicked smart and is quoted to be the neediest cat alive. She loves everyone and is very chatty. 


Her Italian brother Uccia, on the other hand, is the exact opposite (he literally drools). Unlike his slick black color, Uccia is anything but. His lack of smarts are made up for with his sweet lazy demeanor (he lets you hold him like a baby). If that doesn’t make you laugh, the fact he was his parents were brother and sister just might!


Meet Hooch!

Hooch is a two year old kitty from Almost Home Animal Rescue in Michigan. He’s a furry ball of energy who enjoys doing wall flips when chasing his laser pointer and he always greets you at the door after a long day of work. If you manage to tucker him out, he loves finding a nice lap or spot on the couch to take a snooze. With a name like Hooch you better not leave your beer uncovered or you might find him taking a sip of your tasty IPA.


Meet George Harrison!

You guessed it, George is the baby in his small family of two kitties. This little guy loves his brother Ted (pictured below) with his whole heart….and some. George loves to explore around the house playing with all his plant brother and sisters. He loves to mimic dog tendencies and come when his name is called. You could say George is the ultimate insta cat.


Meet Kitty Kitty!

This grumpy cat lives right above us! Thats because Kitty Kitty’s parents are our neighbors. Despite her grouchy look, Kitty Kitty is a sweet angel that loves to explore both in and out of the office. If you ever pop in, you might have the chance to just see for yourself!

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 1.09.25 PM.png

Meet Kizmet!

A rescue from Felines & Canines, Kizmet took to her new family immediately - even their puppy! She enjoys zooming around her apartment with her brother Hudson, harassing her older sister, Fivel, but her favorite thing is playing fetch with sparkly poofs. She maybe smallest of the pride, but she's got the biggest personality!

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 1.07.16 PM.png

Meet Theodore Roosevelt (Ted)!

 Theodore is rarely ever seen without his baby brother, George (pictured above). Our coworker Hannah tell us they are inseparable and can always be found tied up in each other. Ted loves to sun bathe and never misses a drink on his mommas nightstand.

Screen Shot 2019-03-20 at 1.10.00 PM.png