Marina Kozak

Hello Bella!

It’s no surprise this Italian bella comes from a long family of artists. To be even more specific, Italian fabricators. It’s also, no surprise that she started to juggle/dabble with many mediums at a very young age. It was this experimentation that has led her to ‘fake it, till she made it’ in this industry. Meet Marina Kozak, our latest Environmental Designer here at OutCold. Marina just joined us this month and we couldn’t be more excited to welcome her into our little passi.  

When Marina was growing up, she dreamt about becoming an entomologist (aka a really smart person that studies insects). Looking backwards, she shared that she always knew this design passion was there, but didn’t really understand it until later in life. This was because she didn’t really start to fall into a deeper admiration for her Italian roots/history, her love for the grunge/punk aesthetic, and her fascination with the futurism art movement until right before college. 

During college, Marina dabbled in many different influences and evolved her own artistic style. She found that all her artists influence stemmed from absurdity and contradiction.  She would package up all these ideas up in a vintage, classic way that showed her technical skills, craftsmanship, and originality.  


If this story and design doesn’t scream OutCold, we don’t know what does. Read on to see what we asked Marina.

What is the coolest project you’ve done to date and why does it make you proud?

“The coolest project I have done to date, must be the neon seesaws I made for a the Soho House Pride Party. It had these really cool LED lights that bounced from side to side as the seesaw went up and down. They were featured at the Mura Masa show during Red Bull’s “30 Days of Music”.


What do you think Experiential will turn into? 

“I think experiential’s total focus will change. I think it will need to become a more tailored, authentic and premium experience, not just a branded photo booth. I think it will start to shift towards a more custom experience/product that’s focused around art, customization and originality. That being said, I think this shift will also transform the overall retail space since these experiences/activations will become the new norm.”

What drew you to OutCold?

"I was drawn in by the quality of the work, the attention to detail and the creativity put into each piece. I also love the fact that the team here is small, everyone gets to be a part of the process, and in the same breath, everyone gets to wear a few different hats,  I'm going to learn so much from so many different people."

Screen Shot 2019-03-18 at 3.07.33 PM.png

What do you admire most bout the OutCold Style?  

"I love the way OutCold uses all these beautiful, vintage vehicles to bring character into their work. There's something about an old vehicle with a new aesthetic that feels timeless, but still fresh. OutCold also aligns with my personal aesthetic, which is rooted in classical elements juxtaposed with modern aesthetics to create work with visual density and intrigue"