Seattle Spots

Seattle, The Rainy City

Pike Place Market, Starbucks, & Mt. Ranier are just a few of the iconic things people think of when they think “Seattle.” To us at OutCold, Seattle is a dream. It’s where business ideas, nature, and creativity, all meet, and there is no end to the possibility. Some of our favorite partners are located here, we’re talking to you AmazonFresh & Nordstrom! It’s a hot spot that’s always on our radar, for business and leisure.

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Last week, one of our own, Abby, headed out west to dip her toes in the Sound & experience all that the Seattle area has to offer. We believe trips like these help us widen our lens, keeps us relevant, and expands our creativity. Read on for some of her favorite things she ate, saw and did, and how it brought her back feeling refreshed, recharged and ready for the next adventure!

What was one of the things you found most inspiring about your trip?

“Seattle is full of these little stores and markets that cause my mind to buzz with possibility. The play of color, unique collaboration’s, and design is something I look to bring into my work and back to my team. It’s something I believe helps grow and push our boundaries while building relationships over shared experiences.”

What were some of these favorite places?

“I loved The Seattle Gum Wall, Public Market Center, Pike Street Press and Seattle mural”


Do you have any good recommendations for someone planning a trip there?

“You can go wrong in Seattle when it comes to food! We went to so many different restaurants that all had their own flair. From purple yam pancakes, to oyster quail shots, to even a modern pizza shop who’s menus sat inside Dr. Seuss books, there was always something to keep my taste buds and mind guessing! Seeing creative ideas being pushed through the kitchen, causes me to reflect on my own creative experiential ideas and how I can push them further when I return.”

My Favorite Eats:

Rocco’s for amazing pizza and outstanding custom cocktails. There, they take your flavor profile and make you your very own drink!

OldStove Brewery - It’s the cutest little brewery that sits right on the water! You can look out at the mountains, enjoy a killer cheese board and brew all in one spot!


What were some of the best experiences you had while in Seattle?

“Seattle is loaded with cool museums, art exhibits, aquariums, and even a sick needle that shoots into the sky. Between the ridiculous ideas that become reality, the amazing craftsmanship, and the sheer beauty, it showed me that crazy thoughts, just sometimes work (even if they are heavy all blown glass chandeliers).”

My Favorite Places:

The Seattle Aquarium, The Space Needle, The Museum of Pop Culture, and the Chihuly Garden and Glass.