Te-Kill-ya or Tequila?

We believe that experiences provide more value than owning things.

Life is here for us to LIVE it, not be tied down by it. Here at OutCold, we believe this concept so much so, that its ingrained in our culture. We encourage folks to get out there and take on the wild, breath it in, bathe in its glory. Making our own stories, just make us that better at telling yours. 


Just take a look at our Event Producer Kyle! He planned his entire wedding in Mexico, (Playa Del Carmen to be exact) while still executing OutCold projects. Talk about a remarkable fellow.  If you think that’s amazing, check out his top six tips on planning a wedding abroad (five isn’t enough). Trust ‘em, his rehearsal dinner was on a floating bar with live music and of course A LOT of te-killa, we mean tequila.


1.     Stay organized

90% of my communication was via email correspondence so having everything in a binder or digital copies of all invoices and contracts was helpful when communicating with the resort. 

2.     Make it as turn key as possible

Since this was an international trip, many people didn't have cell service. The resort had Wifi throughout so we created a WhatsApp group chat, DUO video/voice calls, and sent nightly email so guests could join us as for whatever daily activity we were doing during that day. We also provided each guest with a welcome kit that had a daily itinerary for people to reference.

3.     Don’t sweat the small stuff!

The reason we picked a destination wedding was to avoid the unforeseen stress that a traditional wedding has. Should small hiccups happen during your stay or on your wedding day don't sweat it, you’re already in paradise with your closest friends and family!

4.     Plan ahead on your travel day

 We had Four checked bags, one carry on, two personal items, and a bulky wedding dress. We gave ourselves ample time to get to the airport and got to the gate extra early to make sure we had time to talk to a rep about stowing the wedding dress in an overhead bin. Southwest was great and even bumped us up in the boarding process to make sure we had room to stow the dress flat in an overhead bin.

5.     Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

 This is the first destination wedding I've been to and from start to finish, it was relatively stress free. Of course, there were a few bumps in the road, as with any event, but ultimately we couldn't be happier with how everything turned out. It's obviously a big ask for family and friends to participate in a destination wedding, but everyone I talked to said they had so much fun and it's a wedding they will never forget! (and I don't think they were just blowing smoke).

6.     Bonus tip!

 Don't skimp on the tequila. I'm pretty sure I drank more tequila in the six days I was in Mexico than I have in my entire life! I recommend the Don Julio 70!

— OutCold team