The Village People

“Ladies to the front. Sit at the table. Misbehaving women. The Future is female.”

With so much chatter about women and their importance in the workforce and in our culture in general, we thought it’s about time we shared our perspective.

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Did you know OutCold is majority owned by women and 50% comprised of women? Maybe you didn’t. We value the authenticity of our culture so much that we often chose not to scream about our organic make up. Because to us, it’s “normal” but to so many, it’s not. If we’ve learned nothing else from the last 150 years of women suppression, it’s to not stay quiet.

The female force is strong over here. We aren’t afraid to lead, to have our voices heard and to stand up for what we believe in. Our environment, although unique to many, is powerful. It creates balance and fosters growth for everyone and, that, we value so much.

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We believe that women are even more powerful with the support of men. Trust us, we know that women can do it all on their own, but we believe in a world where we can all be equal. To us, that doesn’t mean counter suppression. At OutCold, we have the undying support from a totally amazing group of guys. It takes a village people! Not the actual Village People, but we’d take them too. You know, those guys were on to something. It’s not the Village Guys. Or the Village Girls. It’s the Village People. We’re all just people, People! Let’s celebrate that.

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Compassion for people reminds us of one of our favorite experiential campaigns we ran for our friends at FTD. This activation was about everyone coming together to appreciate women during one of the most influential days out of the year, International Women’s Day. This heartfelt activation comprised of a custom fitted VW Bus that drove around the streets of Chicago handing out flowers to all the incredible men and women in our city. The message was to call your favorite women and tell her how much she matters. What we love about this campaign is that we didn’t segregate the women. We invited the men to join in and celebrate with us.

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Having the opportunity to work on programs that are not only experientially awesome, but also speak to what we believe in makes what we do that much more satisfying.

FTD gets it. The Village People got it. Now let’s work to get a few more people on the bandwagon.

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