Who Let the Dogs Out?

We’re all about human connection, but that doesn’t mean we forget about our fur friends!

Here at OutCold, our fuzzy amigos are part of our inspiration and everyday work life balance. They even helped us create one of our favorite projects to date, our Mutt Cutt Van for Graduate Hotels.

Since we are a dog friendly office, we almost always has a few critters running around helping us spark creativity. We understand that these guys take up a big part of our hearts, time, and keep us de-stressed when we need to turn around a last-minute client request. What better way to celebrate that, then welcoming them into our space? It also helps us generate a few laughs from time to time (a few pesto sandwiches lives may or may not have been lost) and keeps our office feeling like home. Check out some of our regulars, or better yet, stop on by and meet them yourself! 

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Mutt Cutts Van for Graduate Hotel

The OutCold Furry Crew!

Meet Layne!

Hello gorgeous locks! Meet our long, black hair, goddess, Layne! This girl is a Bernese Mountain Dog that loves pesto sammies and belly scratches. She can always be found close to the door to greet our clients. Her signature move is to walk up and ‘death drop’ to the floor, then roll on her back begging for some belly rubs. You could say she loves attention.


Meet Pancakes!

If you’re a waffle fan, swipe left. P-Cakes (as we like to call her) is not only one of our favorite breakfast foods, but one of our favorite and frequent visitors here at OutCold. She’s a quickly little dog that often gets mistaken for a goat (and no not The G.O.A.T.). She’s a Sheep Dog Poodle that loves her big sister Layne almost as much as she loves her pack leaders Fritz and Holly Heffinger.


Meet Buddy!

If you have a thing for older men…then Buddy is your guy! Buddy is a rescued lab mix that loves to make weekly Wednesday visits with Abby Justinger. He can often times be found begging for favorite treat, tortilla chips, or taking a snooze on his favorite LB Finds blanket.


Meet Lady!

This girl got SPUNK! ‘Lady Bird’ (as shes often called) can always be found zooming through the office like any 10 Month old rescued pup would. She’s a curious chick that loves to spend time with our very own Tracey Harris to work on her tricks.


Meet Sola!

Sola is out of this world, no really. She got her name from a famous alien! This girl loves long walks through nature parks and bark boxes her Momma, Wren gives her.


Meet Lola!

 “Her name was Lola, she was a show girl”. If that doesn’t define this girl, we don’t know what else could. Lola was picked up by her Momma, Laurie Baker, in 2007 and has been dazzling her life ever since. She’s an English Bully that loves The Farmers Dog food and couch snuggles.