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OutCold, Amazon Go, and ‘The Secret Sauce’.

Amazon is the way the future right? Uh, YEAH! Now more than ever, Amazon is paving the way of the future, especially when it comes to its newest brick and mortar stores, Amazon Go. However, being at the head of technology breakthroughs has its challenges. The biggest challenge being teaching consumers about this new tech and how to use it. That’s where OutCold come in. Being the experts in finding engaging, tech-savvy, competent, and blissful brand ambassadors, it is just one of the many components to the secret sauce they call experiential marketing. This is how OutCold and Amazon Go teamed up to help support the launch of both Seattle and Chicago Amazon Go stores. Ambassadors participated in in-depth training sessions that allowed them to operate as the applications eyes and ears to all the new users. The team greeted and hosted guests as they arrived to the sore, managed traffic, organized lines, supported application downloads and even troubleshooted with guests as they guided them through the appropriate channels. OutCold prepares theses ambassadors to not only handle the general public, but even the press! It is with, OutCold’s strategic and nimble team working with Amazon Go’s internal team, helped create a thriving system that allowed for adjustments to shift timing and number of staff members needed based on a variety of onsite variables. Now that’s slick. 

With the continued growth of Amazon, who knows what they will dream up next. Let’s just hope they partner with OutCold again to make sure it as engaging, fun and helpful as they did with Amazon Go.