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Save Yourself From Yourself

“Whats cooler than being cool? ICE COLD!” OutKast said it best, even when it comes to ice-cream. In a world taken over by health crazes, kale obsessions and ice cream imitations, people are deprived of the things that give them real joy and satisfaction. Crafted for people who are fed up with "healthy" dessert options that never taste as good as the real thing, Chilly Cow ditched the milk protein concentrate.  Instead, Chilly Cow uses ultra-filtered milk to make its delectable, gilt free, creamy, creation. This Ice-Cream has 55 percent fewer calories, 70 percent less fat and 60 percent less sugar than regular ice cream, now that’s ‘cool’ (pun intended).

Its these nutritional facts, that are helping health focused folks get their souls back, even if it is just one lower-calorie half-pint at a time. Together with FCBX, OutCold launched an experiential mobile road-show that was routed across the country to festivals (i.e. Wanderlust, Evolution Sports Expo), events, grocery retail partners, farmers markets, and health/fitness centers to spread Chilly Cows good news to the masses. This sampling tour encouraged consumers to “Save Yourself From Yourself” since being healthy shouldn’t require you to be miserable. Fitness should taste as good as your ice-cream

Supported by traditional advertising, out of home, digital and social tactics, OutCold sourced, refurbished and built out a real-deal ambulance! If we are being completely honest, it was still busy saving lives just weeks before it was decommissioned. Now, this custom ice cream emergency response unit, complete with a self-sufficient content generating “confessional booth” studio is making saving lives that much sweeter. Instead of screaming sirens, we have people screaming for ice-cream. As the saying goes, “You scream, I scream, we all scream for…ICE-CREAM”, and that’s pretty sweet.

What is sweeter? Our Chilly Cow Tour Team traveling across 15,000 miles, generating millions of impressions and sampling thousands of pints! That’s right, millions and thousands. Consumers had the ability to confess their healthy eating habits to save themselves from tasteless, chalking replacements, in the ambulances “confessional booth’ studio while also taste testing some of the seven ultra-delicious, ultra-creamy Chilly Cow ice cream flavors. From Brown Butter Salted Caramel to Chocolate Brownie Batter, there’s something for everyone’s inner sinner to enjoy, or in this case, inner HEALTH sinner.

Gone are the days of chalky texture and weird aftertastes…

It’s time to chill out for a #PINTervention