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Cozy Coffee Coaches

Coffee. We all love it, or at least 83% of the world does according to recent studies. So why not take it on the road with you? No, not in a thermos, in a 1952 GMC Coach bus! OutCold and High Brew Coffee collaborate to create a real-life coffee shop inside this retro beaut! This baby was gutted and rebuilt, that even includes the mechanics. The High Brew Inspired Liner creates the coziest of environments but with purpose. Inside is a custom exterior of a bar that pulls out from the undercarriage with multiple storage compartments, giving it the ability to scale the footprint to size for any and every activation. Take a look for yourself!

This squad didn’t just drive this bus around Chicago, oh no! It was set out on a 22-week tour spanning the ENTIRE USA. This multi-channel tour hits distribution partners, retail locations and consumer events. To date, the bus and team have traveled to 19 states, executed 50+ sampling activations and distributed 38,175 beverages. After 12 weeks on the road, this tour has generated 11,600,000 on-road impressions. To us, that’s pretty darn wicked.


Catch us at your next festival, or maybe youll just see us  ‘in the wild’ on the roads. Either way, give us a honk!

Visit Food & Beverage magazine to find out when the bus will be in your city next! 

Making of the Bus