How We Roll Tour



  • SXSW, Austin, TX

  • MMMF, Phoenix, AZ

  • SDSU, San Diego, CA

  • The Grove, Los Angeles, CA

  • Stagecoach, Indio, CA

Strategic Services

  • Brand Strategy & Concepting

  • Event Production & Design

  • Sponsorship Negotiation

  • Licensing & Permitting

  • Strategic Staffing

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media Integration


  • Consumer interactions: 19,700+

  • Sweepstakes entries: 3,000+

  • Total impressions: 13 million+


With the goal of positioning Nordstrom among new, potential customers, OutCold built an interactive Nordstrom experience across three pods and sent it on the road to five events.

Each pod housed a relevant activity that allowed festival fans to engage with the Nordstrom brand and its vendors in fun, new and unexpected ways. Guests interacted with live screen printing, a dream closet sweepstakes, and a selection of Nordstrom beauty offerings distributed by a team of brand ambassadors.