Off-road Course



  • Monster Mopar, St. Louis, MO

  • The Legends, Kansas City, KS

  • Monster Mopar, Indianapolis, IN

Strategic Services

  • Brand Strategy & Concepting

  • Mobile Tour

  • Sponsorship Negotiation

  • Licensing & Permitting

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Strategic Staffing

  • Digital Integration


  • Ride alongs: 1,000+

  • Quality consumer leads: 750+


Tasked with showcasing the off-road capabilities of the Ram 1500, OutCold developed and constructed a custom off-road course and invited consumers to sit back and experience the trucks’ abilities first hand.

OutCold transformed a 15,000 square foot footprint and 600 tons of dirt into a course featuring a stability test with a 30-degree incline, logs simulation, ground clearance test, articulation test, and a 12-foot dirt hill with a 30-degree approach and 35-degree descent. Product specialists hosted consumer ride-alongs while providing information about the trucks’ capabilities.