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The Future Is Female.

A 365 day conversation focused around modern day woman working in today’s crazy world. A conference and online platform pushing women to following their dreams careers instead of just a career. Now, the only thing that could make this any better would be some RXBAR’s right? RIGHT! 

OutCold teamed up with RXBAR to help create an unforgeable booth moment for women attending the Create and Cultivate event in Chicago, IL on August 25th2018. This event was all about influence, because what’s more influential than a huge group of lady bosses? NOTHING. Two brains being better than one, this duo locked minds and captivated RXBAR’s Mix Berry flavor with an 8x8 space. However, this wasn’t just any boring 8x8 space, this was an Instagram-able “Cliché Pink” booth. Equipped with pink walls, floors, assets, and everything in between, this sleek and smooth textured space was an attendee’s dream. While hitting all their angles in every inch of this bright, flirty, and fun cube, attendees received giveaways that paired perfect with their RXBAR photo-moments. It was the topic of conversation since it was both the booth and experience that kept on giving.

With over 1,000 people in attendance in this one day event, it was clear that Wednesday’s were not the only days for pink. This fetch brand, partner and experience proved that. Yo GO Glen Coco.