Pop Up Shop



  • Chicago, IL

Strategic Services

  • Product Promotion

  • Event Production & Design

  • Licensing & Permitting

  • Strategic Staffing

  • Social Media Integration


  • Generated 3 million+ live and PR impressions

  • Distributed 4,000+ flyers lifting brand awareness and driving footfall to the shop

  • Saw 500+ unique consumers enter the shop, engage with the brand and make purchases

  • Shop images posted to Topman social media channels initiated chatter from 250,000+ fans globally


To integrate the Topman brand into the local scene and build brand loyalty, OutCold coordinated with ARTPENTRY studio owner, Floyd Davis, to bring a Topman Pop Up Shop to his gallery space in the Pilsen neighborhood of Chicago.

OutCold facilitated the relationship between Topman and ARTPENTRY and supported the transformation of the artist's space into a one-of-a-kind Topman experience. Brand ambassadors within the pop up shop welcomed consumers inside to shop and staff in a branded ice cream truck and on fixie bikes drove traffic to the space via guerrilla marketing. In addition to the unique merchandise display, OutCold coordinated DJ talent to perform in the pop up shop and negotiated a PBR liquor sponsorship to provide beverages to shoppers.