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Content Creation

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Content Creation

Photography, Videography, Digital Integration, Social Media Strategy & Management, Interactive Applications

The ever changing digital and social media landscape is what keeps us on our toes. We believe capturing an authentic experience is unmatchable in the content game. Whether it's mounting GoPro cameras offering live streaming of events, capturing studio-quality content or choreographing a fleet of drones, we’re always up for nailing the shot. 

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Custom Content Creation

Frontera Foods



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Campaign Planning

The ASk - The Challenge - The Strategy

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Campaign Execution

Capture the the Sampling of Spirited Flavors 

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We know that in order to convert sampling into purchasing, we must offer more than just a tasting opportunity. Together with Frontera Foods, we brought an immersive culinary experience Americans through a custom mobile experience. We leveraged two heritage vehicles, a unique VW Bug with custom built merchandising displays and a 1953 International Harvester Metro turned Taco Truck. The tour hit the streets in major metropolitan cities to bring Chef Rick Bayless’ mission to life of connecting people by making authentic Mexican cuisine accessible to all. A team of trained staff hosted quality one-on-one interactions and rewarded consumers with store driving offers. The team also supported distribution by assessing in-store shelves and reporting findings to corporate sales teams.

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Capture Authentic Connections

This campaign not only told the story live to consumers on sight but we also translated that conversation to a digital one. Using both photo and video, we created social content that was authentic and resonated with people. We were able to share the live and in-person with the rest of the world via social media.

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Tour Successes

117,110 samples distributed

3,823 coupons redeemed 

1,095 pieces of content captured

4,300,000 in-market impression generated


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