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Event Production

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Event Production

Live Events, Trainings, Tradeshows, Concerts, PR Stunts, Pop Up Shops

From pop-up shops to off-road courses, no event is too crazy for us. We provide full service planning, design, build and execution to create custom events that set brands apart from their competitors.

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Custom Campaigns

Toyota T3




Campaign Planning

The ASk - The Challenge - The Strategy

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Campaign Execution

Captivate with Experiential Environment


When a client’s new product requires snow, we take them to where there is snow! Toyota engaged us to transform spaces around Kohler, Wisconsin into the ultimate playground for driving and learning about their three new vehicles. Trainers from around the world flew in to learn about what makes these new model year so special. We worked on all aspects of the event, the site selection and negotiations as well as all event production, logistics, creative, drive course development, app technology and content capture.


Construct Immersive Training Program

Check out the project video!

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Communicate & Reinforce with Technology

Who wants to keep track of a paper agenda during an event where you’re constantly on the move? The solution? Let’s put everything in an app! We created this custom app to guide attendees through their experience and gage their retention of information. Needless to say, people LOVED it! Just take a look at those engagement numbers. 

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Educate with Interactive Content

With the goal of educating our target both at the event and beyond, we worked with Toyota to create interactive training guides utilizing Adult Learning techniques for maximum retention. Utilizing the content captured onsite, we captured the immersive training environment and gave it a place to live on in the form of interactive collateral.


Media Relations

Engage Press & Reach with Coverage

We designed this program to not only captivate and educate the internal Toyota employees but to also engage with the media. Press from 33 top automotive publications were invited to join us for a week of immersive product training. The content and positive coverage that came from this program allowed millions of enthusiasts to join in on the experience. 


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