1963 Volkswagen Bus


63 VW

OutCold Birth Year


Vehicle Specs

13' x 5.6' x 6.5'

1963 Volkswagen Bus Panel

Fritz wanted a hard to find pre-1965 panel VW front-split window bus as the 2nd OutCold vehicle. Through a VW bus Facebook group, Fritz found his dream bus. After stripping it clean, rewiring, adding a VW magnesium block engine with a Porsche type 3 tranny racing motor, and installing an insane ceiling, the VW bus has become one of the most popular activation vehicles in the fleet.

this is awesome for:

Eye Catcher - Great as a mobile billboard, trade show booth display or photo booth.
Storage - Interior shelving and hanging capabilities make it a great mobile pop-up shop.
Guerrilla Activation - Its small body is great for tiny spaces. 

this isn't the best for:

Long-Distance Driving - The bus shouldn’t travel more than 50 miles to get anywhere. 

Ideal activation use:

• Guerrilla marketing
• Mobile pop-up shop
• Photo booth experience

internet famous for:

• Nordstrom Rack Tailgate/Popup University of Oregon
• Berry Callebaut Chocolate Tour
• The Tie Bar Tour
• Taproot Pro Bono Week

Mechanic notes:

Transmission: 4-speed manual transmission  
Fuel Type: Premium fuel and synthetic oil 

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