1987 Toyota Land Cruiser



OutCold Birth Year


Vehicle Specs

15.4' x 5.8' x 6.3'


aka FJ60

1987 Toyota Land Cruiser

Originally bought as Fritz’s daily driver just two weeks before Fritz and Holly got married, Frank was sold when they moved to Chicago. Years later Fritz bought him back again to be used as OutCold’s very first company vehicle. He has been with OutCold the longest, and has famously survived a high-speed car chase after being stolen.

this is awesome for:

Support Vehicle - It is a highly reliable vehicle, capable of hauling a trailer and has lots of storage space. 
Eye Catcher - It is a loud, large and has the vintage look. 
Wearing a Flash Wrap - It has a lot of real estate that can be devoted to branding. 

This isn't the best for:

Timid Brands - It is a loud vehicle that draws a lot of attention and can be very masculine.

Ideal activation use:

• Guerrilla marketing
• Mobile pop-up shop
• Photo booth experience

internet famous for:

• Nordstrom Rack Tailgate/Popup University of Oregon
• Berry Callebaut Chocolate Tour
• The Tie Bar Tour
• Taproot Pro Bono Week

Mechanic notes:

Transmission: 4-speed manual transmission  
Fuel Type: Premium fuel and synthetic oil

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