Turnkey Products

Our turnkey products make experiential marketing approachable, affordable and quick to execute. Sometimes, there’s no need to recreate the wheel. These solutions are effective and impactful.


Buzz TruckS

Step out in style by deploying one of our head turning buzz truck fully wrapped with your branding. We help brands hit local hotspots to engage customers and reward them with swag to generate buzz for brands. This package solution delivers hyper targeted placement, generates millions of high touch impression and comes with quick turnaround times.

Displays Assets

Stand out in a sea of sameness with our unique display options. Our display offerings give brands a place to shine without the cost and timelines associated with a fully customized booth. Each display option comes with branding opportunities, delivery and logistics management to make the experience fully turnkey.


street Teams

The most important part of connecting with people are the people. We employ high quality humans and give them the training to represent your brand and connect with your customer. This turnkey street team hits the market spreading the good word about brands, generating thousands of quality interactions and driving customers to perform a desired action.