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The Upwork Experience

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Tiny Homes, Big Ideas.


Project Details

OutCold pairing with Upwork, is a marketing trend brain child waiting to be born. Hence, why it is no surprise they created one of the trendiest experiential marketing experiences in 2018 that traveled across the country. From the streets of SF, NYC, Chicago, Vegas, to even Seattle, this group brought the magic of Upwork to life. OutCold and Upwork put skepticism of freelancers to rest, as consumers could walk in to this custom-built, tiny home and speak/connect with a freelancer directly in real time through video messaging on iPads. That’s right, a real, breathing, highly skilled human being that was ready for work that day. Consumers finally had the epiphany of how far their dollars could go with this, on-demand, top-quality, talent.  This “workspace on wheels” was a memorable, positive experience that quantified the real power of what freelancers can accomplish. With thousands of interactions, impressions, and ideas shared, this Tiny Home wasn’t ‘small’ at all. Big ideas are what foster powerful and impactful work, marketing should be no different. OutCold cannot wait to see what aspires this upcoming year as we put these two mega minds back together to tackle 2019. Cheers to more coffee, connections, and competent freelancers. 

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