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Experiential Experts


What Do We Do?

We craft experiential programs for brands to authentically connect and communicate with their customer.

Why? Because we know the twenty-first century consumer must have a dialogue in order to engage. We’re making it possible for all brands to speak with consumers in the most authentic and engaging ways.


Our Services

We offer two types of services to make it easy for you to engage with us and easy for us to connect with your customer.


Custom Campaigns.

Event Production, Mobile Tours, Field Marketing Teams and Content Creation

Turnkey Products.

Buzz Trucks, Display Assets and Staff Team Activations

We’ve proven that brands who connect in person with consumers consistently outperform their competition.
— Holly Heffinger, Co-Founder



Where Do We Do It?

We work across all 50 states and Canada!

OutCold is strategically located in Chicago, IL allowing for a central location to reach all of North America quickly and budget friendly.


How Do We Do It?

Our five-phase process makes working with us simple. The result? Carefully crafted, flawlessly executed & totally awesome experiences.


Phase 1:

Strategize & Concept

Phase 2:

Plan & Design


Phase 3:

Construct & Produce

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Phase 4:

Execute & Manage

Phase 5:

Recap & Learn


Our Clients


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