OutCold Loves : Carhartt

We all have those go to brands we trust to get the job done. For us here Carhartt is one of those brands. We noticed that coincidentally almost all of us already wore the iconic Carhartt beanie; so when it came time for us to spend 4 weeks up in Northern Wisconsin in December putting on a primarily outdoor event we knew we had to bundle up with the best. We ordered matching Duck Sawtooth Parkas from Carhartt- and couldn’t have been warmer! The seemingly hundreds of pockets were a plus, until it caused one employee to think he had lost his car keys… But the rest of us used the organization without issue. We took them to Bucktown Embroidery for a quick logo and name addition and we were all set! They have now become all of our go-to winter jackets, either up in Wisconsin fields or Chicago alleyways. Check out the stylish crew below to see how it all came together!