"The Stack" Station Launch



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September is one step away from fall, and what better way to kick off the last warm month, than with a full blown out free concert. You read that right, FREE. 

— This isn’t just your coffee shop tunes down the road, no. This is a real deal, live production at The Concord Music Theatre put on by OutCold and Pandora. Fans could RSVP free online to this fifth annual Chicago show to see Lord Heron and Jess Williamson live in action. These two artists were chosen based on their new station called “The Stack”. This station is a new music discovery engine that builds upon Pandora’s music history to identify, support, and deliver fan rock mega stars they need to know right now. ‘The Stack’ channel does all this while mixing in all 65k listeners known favorites, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.It is this concept that helped create this intimate event in the heart of Chicago that celebrates trending artists in the area and gives listeners the opportunity to see them live in action when normally, they wouldn’t.

OutCold pulled out all the stops to transform The Concord Theater into a space that was true to Pandora’s Indie Rock Vision. Even upon first entering the venue, the listener discovered a space that was truly original, unique, and inspired by an outstanding story.There was something for all concert goers to enjoy and experience outside the concert itself.OutCold incorporated Pandora’s sponsors, Cupcake Vineyards®, Samuel Adams, tulo™, and White Castle®,flawlessly into the space. Goodbye awkward boring pop up tents, hello key experiences, impossible burgers, free beer/wine, recorded pillow fights and even free stuffed sloths. 

This partnership between OutCold and Pandora created an unforgettable, immersive music/marketing experience that truly stacks against its competition. Gone is just the age-old stage and mic, as we welcome the new era of consuming music, in style. Good bye white noise.