Moving On Up

April 11, 2016

Happy Monday! To kick off the workweek, we are going to share some big news with you all. This past quarter, we've been super busy behind the scenes. On top of our regular scheduled events, we've restructured how we work together internally so we can better handle the projects coming our way. So, without further ado...

Sloane Hardman was just promoted to Vice President. Sloane started with OutCold as an Intern and has been crucial to us since day one. Her first event, driving Ram Trucks around an off-road course, took her out of her comfort zone but no one would have known. Her contagious confidence, insane organizational skills and unwavering leadership have brought her to the top of OutCold, and we are thrilled about it. Congratulations, Sloane! 


Next up, Pamela Rachél, our newest Account Director. This donut-loving diva joined OutCold "from the streets" where she worked as a stellar contracted Brand Ambassador that we just couldn't live without. After just a year and a half of coming on full-time, Pam has carved out a leadership role for herself on our Account Service team. It's no surprise that her work ethic and drive for greatness have landed her where she is. We feel so #grateful to have her on our team. 


And last but certainly not least, Christian Miller. Chris just celebrated 5 years at OutCold. Did you know he was the first full-time employee aside from Fritz and Holly? It's true; he's seen it all. And he's worn just about every hat in our closet. He began his time here on the road with the crew working every event while also managing clients, creating every piece of creative that comes through our doors and operating as our resident photographer and videographer. He now finds himself a sweet little spot as our Creative Director and the only guy with an office in this place. So, Chris, thank you for your continuous dedication to all things OutCold (and the Royals). 


To say we've been a little busy over here is an understatement. It takes a village to run this place and these are just a few of the people that make it great. Stay tuned for more big news coming soon!