Sound Sunday

“Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything.” - Plato

It’s no secret we love music. To expand on what Plato has said, music also helps us tell, create, and live the best stories. It influences our everyday life. From motivation, to inspiration, to getting us through whatever challenges we may face, music is here for us, 24/7, 365 days a year. These are just some of the reasons it’s so important to us story tellers, and why we constantly have music playing throughout our Chicago Headquarters 365 days a year. It not only shapes us, but shapes our programs, our ideas, and our events.

They say, “You never know when a good idea will spark,” but for us, they often come from music. Check out what we’re listening to in the office on our blog, or feel free to check out one of the events we did that was inspired by music, our Pandora “The Stack” live concert at the Concord Music Hall.


“The Stack” for Pandora

OutCold’s Featured Artist Playlist

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Donavon Frankenreiter

This Kauai-based musician calms us down and warms us up with his surfer-vibe jams. The admiration he has for the places he lives and the life he lives is inspiring and contagious through his lyrics. He and his wife also run a great little shop in Kauai called The Barn. If you’re ever in Hanalei, stop by and give them a high five from the OutCold crew.

Donavon Frankenreiter 3.jpg

Feng E

We love some Uke! Feng E was recently discovered on American Got Talent. Hes an amazing skilled kiddo that covers variety of tunes/styles on his ukulele. He reminds us of another one of our favorites, Grace Vanderwall.

Feng E 2.jpg
Feng E.jpg


A pop take on electronic, Ashe is a crowd pleaser. Her indie poetic vibe mixed with her own version of pop combines to make an overall unique listening experience. We cant wait to see her March 20th at the Chicago, Riviera Theater.


Allen Stone

Allen stone is the perfect blend of Soul and R&B. His strong melody’s and rhythms transcends what we consider pop. He finds musical inspiration from the 1960’s and 70’s, while lyrically he finds passion from folk-inspired song writers. He’s someone we love to jump out of bed listening to or whenever we are just in a weird creative funk.

Allen Stone 2.jpg
My Brothers And I.jpg

Franc Moody

Need something fresh and new for your ears. Take a listen to Franc Moody. They are what we like to call, modernized funk. Add your own disco ball and you are ready to cut a rug.

Franc Moody 2.jpg

The Curious Incident

This duo is small, but up and coming! These indie boys know how to create lyrically funny/inspiring songs that keep us bopping. They only have a few, but that doesn’t mean they lack flavor.

The Curious Incident 2.jpg
Allen Stone.jpg

My Brothers And I

This alternative indy guy tribe knows how to strike up a few killer jams. This group of five’s smooth rhythms and vibes keep us cool under pressure.

My Brothers And I 2.jpg
Franc Moody.jpg
The Curious Incident.jpg